We understand the importance of flexibility in today´s media industry. Our turnkey media server solutions offer you newfound independence creating any scenario in a simple and uncomplicated way. While you may need our servers for dynamic projection mapping today, you can use them for uncompressed video playback on multiple displays or LED walls tomorrow. Our solutions allow flexibility in your everyday project work and prepare you for any task ahead, regardless of which media server software you use.

ioVersal Vertex, Christie Pandoras Box, Watchout, Pixera, Resolume, Madrix, Unity, Unreal Engine, Ventuz


XI-MACHINES defines its solutions through reliability, minimum noise emission, and maximum performance; this is why uncompressed video playback in 4K and 8K resolution is already a standard feature of our media servers today. Even under the most demanding workloads and in extreme environments, our media servers have proven that stable continuous operation and maximum performance combined are the rule, not the exception.

Our media servers are used around the globe in numerous prestigious projects to create the most stunning experiences. From media playback on international cruise ships sailing the high seas to incredible outdoor productions in the sandy deserts of Dubai. They are used on ever-changing stages of the world or in hectic everyday tour life and are present in interactive applications in critical live broadcasting or fixed installations.

Data Visualization, Live Shows, Corporate Events, Trade Shows, TV, Broadcast, Tours, Concerts, Museums, Exhibitions, Theme Parks, Real-Time Interactive, Projection Mapping, Stage, Theater, Musical


To ensure maximum performance and stability in continuous operation, we select the components we use with great care; this is why we only use handpicked enterprise-class components for our media servers. To make sure only the best components are chosen, our IT specialists run extensive shootout tests before they are qualified for the use in our products.

Every single media server produced by XI-MACHINES is assembled, installed, and optimized by qualified IT technicians in our in-house production in Hamburg, Germany. Before it leaves the premises, each media server has to pass comprehensive system stability tests and final quality control. Only then it will be handed to our logistics department, be securely packed, and shipped to its final destination anywhere in the world.

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Each system is carefully validated by our product managers for future use with all major media server applications. To make this possible, we maintain close relationships with users, developers, and manufacturers within the industry. This continuous exchange, as well as our own experience in the professional project business, help us to do so. Therefore, we not only assist in the decision-making during the project planning phase but also help with our experienced technical support, should something go wrong with your installation.


flexible mediaserver FM1

Powerful 1U server for small to medium-sized projects.

  • compact (1 rack unit)
  • 1x GPU
  • optional sync

flexible mediaserver FM4-Pro

Leistungsstarke Lösung für anspruchsvolle Projekte

  • 12 cores, with maximum clock speed
  • Ideal for real-time applications
  • 1x GPU, 1x expansion card

flexible mediaserver FM4-MAX

The flagship for high-end projects

  • maximized performance
  • maximized features
  • maximized expandability (7 slots + sync)

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