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XI-MACHINES • High-Performance Workstations

XI-MACHINES - high quality, whisper-quiet workstations and servers, purpose-built for 24/7 use in demanding production environments. Superior engineering, maximum performance and rock-solid system stability - made by professionals for professionals.

Combining maximum performance with minimum noise emission in a conventional computer is impossible. You will always end up with a compromise: Either loud and fast or quiet and slow. At XI-MACHINES we offer the solution!

XI-MACHINES High-Performance Workstations combine enterprise class components with advanced cooling technologies. This combination allows for rock-solid yet whisper-quiet operation without compromising system-cooling.

Critical components such as processors, mainboards, graphics accelerators and hard disk drives run at lower temperatures and produce less noise while reaching higher levels of performance and durability even at full system load during 24/7 operation. The innovation for an optimized workflow - whisper quiet without compromise!


XI-MACHINES High-Performance Workstations are specifically designed for a wide range of applications. Our workstations are used in professional environments such as 3D-Animation, Visual-FX, CAD/Engineering/Construction, Architecture, Audio, Broadcast, TV, Film, Event, Post and Simulation.

We offer "turn-key"-solutions, which means the hardware, firmware, operating system and drivers come pre-installed and optimized for the respective application! Keep it simple: Get in and go!

Choose from our professional tower or 19-inch industrial rack systems. It does not matter whether you opt for a Single-/Dual- or even Quad-CPU system - XI-MACHINES will always provide you with a customized solution.

Communication is key: Please talk to us!

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