Wherever complex processes have to be simulated and visualized, it requires flexible and scalable computer systems with highest processing power. Not only the choice and optimization of operating system platform is an important factor but also the graphics accelerators performance is highly important to simulate complex processes quickly and accurately.DNA
Regular HPC (high performance computing) systems are often banished to machine rooms because of the high noise emission.

Our workstations can be used in many different research areas and integrate perfectly into the simulation process (even inside a laboratory or on your desk). Thus, depending on the workstation or server model you can get up to 8 multiple-core processors in a single enclosure and up to 192GB (Windows 7, more if you're using server OSes). One or more workstation graphics accelerators using SLI/CUDA or Crossfire Pro/Stream technology offer the necessary real-time graphics performance.
NVidia Tesla, Grid, FirePro Server Graphics... you name it - we offer the solution.

Our redundant hard disk drive/solid state drive (SSD) systems offer ultra-short access times, up to multi-terabyte storage capacity (e.g. 12x4TB as Raid-5, offering a net capacity of 44TB inside a workstation or external storage server at even higher capacities) as well as extremely high data transfer.

XI-MACHINES high-performance workstations are ideal for research areas such as aerodynamics, thermo dynamics, CFD (computional fluid dynamics), mathematical/numerical analysis, HPC (high performance computing) etc.

XI-MACHINES High Performance Workstations offer a maximum of processing power (CPU and/or GPU-based) for your scientific projects, research, laboratories and simulation tasks. Maximum Power - whisper-quiet.

-> 64Bit Workstations for simulation

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